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Repeal the Climate Change Act

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Save £12 Billion per year - at the stroke of a pen (rising to £20Bn by 2030)! The true cost of the climate change act.

On current projections [by the Government's own Committee on Climate Change (CCC)], the cost of 'green' energy policies, required by implementation of the 'Climate Change Act', will continue to rise during the 2020s from their already significant levels. Between now and 2030, climate policies in the power sector will have cost the UK £216bn - equivalent to about £8000 per household!! Money that could so easily have been utilised by the NHS.

Ongoing increasing energy prices will continue to have a significant rising impact on household budgets - not only will it affect family electricity bills, it will also be highly damaging to the wider UK economy. The UK Government, (originally under Labour in 2007 but continued by Governments since), is the only National Government that has tied it's own 'energy policy' hands together by imposing upon itself such a draconian, expensive and unnecessary Act.

It is time for the Government to come clean, admit to the real costs of the Climate Change Act, and Repeal it!

[Yes - this petition requires you to be somewhat sceptical about the impact that fossil fuels are having on our global climate. Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming is not a given - and whilst there remains such uncertainty about the causes of climate change, we should not be endangering our national economic well-being by inflicting such high energy prices upon ourselves. We're leaving the EU - let's discard the Climate Change Act as well!]

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