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Rent be paid whilst awaiting universal credit

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When people have to claim universal credits for whatever reasons. They can be waiting 12 weeks or longer before receiving any payment. This includes non payment of rents or council tax. This includes no back payment meaning there's gaps where people have had nothing to live on at all during the waiting processing period. People that are vulnerable and already in desperate situations are falling into debts being evicted due to non payment of rent. And so at the most vulnerable times in their lives they then end up facing homelessness and debts starvation and poverty. During these waiting periods rent and counciltax should be mandatory to be automatically covered during the current climate where poverty is already high. With more and more people having to resort to relying on foodbanks. Just as things can't get any harsher they then are being made homeless. Where's this governments empathy and compassion gone to when it comes to helping it's own citizens. People may ask why vote out of the EU is it any wonder why the people did as a majority vote. When people see their own government bending over backwards to help non UK citizens to ensure their safety. But then throws it's own into the frying pan. This is when resentfulnes and anger arise. Please sign for rent and counciltax to be covered during times of changes and needing to claim universal credit in people's lives that forces them to turn to their government for help after all our government has been more than generous when helping non British citizens. It's about time it started treating it's own citizens with the same help that it had no objection in giving to non citizens. Hopefully if enough people sign this petition it will force Teresa may to take into account these issues and to hopefully approve the payment of rents and counciltax. Or if she decides to continue the allowment of her most vulnerable British citizens to be forced into deeper hardships homelessness and starvation. It will highlight what she actually stands for and ensure people really think about whome they vote for in the next general elections. After all British citizens are not going to be so quick in voting for poverty which is what she will be seen as most competent in the British public's eyes as being able to deliver.

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