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Remove Toby Young from the New Schools Network charity

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Dear Teresa May, the largest education union in the country has questioned Toby Young's continuing employment as the Director of the New Schools Network, a post your government funds, to the tune of 90K a year. Your government provide 90 percent of the funds to operate New Schools Network. 

On the 19 of January the current contract for the New Schools Network ends.  This is the ideal time to bring in a New Director who has the mindset required for this post.

Toby Young must be removed from this post and should never be allowed to have an active role or any input in our children’s education. 

He has already attempted to bring eugenics into the educational forum.  When Teach First removed his blog on eugenic s from their website Toby Young publicly denounced their actions.

“the organisation decided to remove it from its website and issue an apology. That’s right, it apologised for publishing my piece. ‘It was against what we believe is true and against our values and vision,’ Teach First explained.”

The government needs to urgently review the work undertaken at New Schools Network since Toby Young has been in post.

Teresa May, if you are in any doubt  listen to Toby Young’s speech on Liberal Creationism delivered to the 2017 Constance Holden Memorial Address at the International Society for Intelligence Research

Liberal Creationism, intelligence researchers or eugenics, they all claim genetic differences in intelligence among racial groups, these views are extremely popular with the KKK and other neo Nazi organisations and it appears Toby Young.

Yesterday he had to admit he attended a eugenic themed conference dominated by a secretive group with neo-Nazi links, who claim genetic differences in intelligence among racial groups, the usual white supremacy beliefs about race.  

“I was completely ignorant of what had been discussed at the same event in previous years.”   “Yes, I popped in for a few hours on a Saturday and sat at the back.”

However, at the Liberal Creationism conference he said.  “I discovered just how cautious scholars in this field can be when I was invited to attend a two-day conference on intelligence at University College London by the academic and journalist James Thompson earlier this year.”

In 2015 Toby Young wrote an essay for the Australian publication The Quadrant, entitled the fall of the meritocracy.

“What I’m proposing is a form of eugenics that would discriminate in favour of the disadvantaged”. “This is a kind of eugenics that should appeal to liberals—progressive eugenics”

 “I’m not suggesting we improve the genetic stock of an entire race, just the least well off.”

His appeared to discuss a futuristic eugenic breeding programme which would eliminate low intelligence by implanting intelligent embryos into women who are deemed to be of low intelligence and suggested a trial run in Detroit.  83 percent of Detroit’s population are black African-Americans.

According to Young yesterday it was “Just a form of IVF that would be available on the National Health to the least well off, should they wish to take advantage of it. Not mandatory, just an option, a way of giving their children a head start.”

Not only has he expressed views that are abhorrent, he refers to the work of a group of researchers, who have written pseudo-scientific theories of white superiority Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray and their book the Bell Curve feature heavily in his articles and his speeches.  They argued that programmes to boost black academic performance might be futile because blacks are innately less intelligent than whites.

Teresa May, please remove him.



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