Remove Paul Worthingtons police protection.

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12th December 2012 Poppi Worthington was subjected to the most brutal of attacks when she was anally raped. As a result she lost her life. 2 coroners and a family high court judge have stated that the perpetrator was her father, Paul Worthington. He was the only person with the means and opportunity to commit this crime. Even though her dna was found on his penis and a coroner has said her injuries were typically seen in teenage rape victims he has never been charged for this crime because of police blunders in the investigation. This week the crown prosecution service refused to charge Paul Worthington and said they would not be conducting a fourth review into the case. It was reported yesterday that this man will still be getting police protection even though he’s not been charged, this is reported to be at a cost of £50,000 per year paid for by the tax payer.

We, the people of this country want Paul Worthingtons protection removed, we are tired of our country protecting paedophiles. 

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