Remove all employees causing human misery and torture in a public office role

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There needs to be an investigation into the horrific inhumane treatment of Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka TOMMY ROBINSON. 

He has lost 40lb in weight and been subjected to the worst treatment in our uk prison system not just once too. 

His latest incarceration which was thrown out on appeal meant him suffering 23.5 hours a day for nearly two months and hugely affected his health, diet was restricted and him being moved for no valid reason to a place of such high UN-SAFETY it can only be to control and possibly have him killed by opposition inmates .

The Govt have not used such a precedent in treatment that violated numerous human rights and effectively torture both physically and mentally .

Whoever took these decisions are obviously not fit for a public office and need removing IMMEADIATLY and possibly charging with brutality in a public office.