Help reinstate Connie Yates & Chris Gard's parental rights

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Help reinstate Connie Yates & Chris Gard's parental rights

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What do we want?

We the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister Theresa May to help reinstate parental rights to both Connie Yates and Chris Gard that were wrongly stripped away from them on 11th April 2017, by a High Court Judge. 

Background Information:

Connie and Chris are the dedicated parents of a 10 month old little boy named Charlie Gard, who has been a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital, for the majority of his life. Their son, Charlie, has a rare genetic condition called Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome. This is a condition that zaps away energy from the muscles due to a low amount of Mitochondrial DNA. This is a condition that doesn't yet, have a cure.

However, there are treatments available in America such as Nucleoside Bypass Therapy, that Connie, Chris and 83,000 other people raised £1.3m for Charlie to have, over in America. His parents wished for Charlie to try this treatment (a non-invasive and oral medication), which would help to restore Charlie's Mitochondrial DNA and help it synthesise by giving him the natural compounds that he isn't able to produce enough of. This is the treatment, that a Doctor who specialises in Mitochondrial diseases in the USA, feels would be beneficial to Charlie.

With a lot of deep and dedicated time put into researching, his parents found that the treatment they wish for their son to have, is a  treatment that has already been tried on other children; some who even live in the U.K. Those who have tried this treatment, have also had the same genetic condition as Charlie, but the only difference being, is the strain. It then came to the parents attention as well as the UK publics attention, that the treatment has massively improved the lives of others who suffer with the rare genetic condition, with some pictured now riding a bike, smiling and perfectly healthy! All that Connie and Chris want to do, is help their son to get better, just like these children who are living a happy life. They want to give Charlie that same chance. What is the crime in that?They have always got Charlie's best interest at heart! 

However, Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital disagree with the parents beliefs and think that this medication wouldn't benefit  Charlie. They believe that Charlie is so severely ill, he should be allowed to 'die with dignity' and that life support should be withdrawn (against the parents wishes) to prevent further suffering. This is suffering that Chris, Connie and their families strongly feel that Charlie isn't in and in fact, strongly believe that there are signs of Charlie getting stronger e.g. charlie is putting on more weight, he is opening his eyes more frequently, he is becoming more aware of his surroundings etc.

As there wasn't a mutual agreement made, this led to a full legal battle between the hospital and the parents of Charlie Gard, unfortunately with no success for the parents. Throughout the legal battle, Connie and Chris were stripped of their parental rights, which not only prevents them from taking Charlie to America to receive a last option of treatment, but it also blocks them from making any future decisions for their child.

Why is it that Connie and Chris can't be trusted as parents, to decide what is right for their own child, when all that they wish to do is help their son to stay alive?

Would this also mean that we parents, who would without a doubt do the same as Connie and Chris and exhaust every possible treatment, shouldn't be trusted to decide what is right for our children too?

Why do we want this?

We the signatories, strongly believe that Connie Yates and Chris Gard should have their Parental Rights reinstated, because they have shown nothing but love, care, dedication and loyalty to their baby boy, just like any other parent would do. They're the people that dress, wash and comfort Charlie, just as any other parent would do for their own child. They are also the inspiration couple, that have fought so hard to do what they know is best and right for their precious son, regardless of how draining it would be, just like any parent would do! They should be the people who get the final say as to what they think is best for Charlie. If they don't, what hope is there for the parents of this country? No parent should have to worry about having their Parental Rights stripped from them, for wanting the best for their own child. We think that you are the right person, that could help do this, or at the very least guide the courts that would allow parental rights to be reinstated! 

Was stripping away their Parental Rights really a necessary action to take, considering both parents intentions are and always will be to help Charlie and never to cause him significant harm? 

Have more faith in the parents within this country and protect our rights as parents.

Have more faith in Connie Yates and Chris Gard and reinstate their Parental Rights, that they rightly deserve. 

(Please consider this as an important matter that needs to be addressed ASAP) 

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This petition had 79,941 supporters

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