Refused refugees to have case reviewed after 3 years of refusal.

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We need to demand that the home office will review every refugee or asylum case which has been refused after 3 years of the refusal. Any refugee or asylum seeker found in crime or with a criminal record should be detained or forced to do community service and have their next review on their case extended to 7 years before being granted leave on the basis that they have a full clean criminal record and adequate further evidence to support their claim. 

In addition, there are refugees who have no criminal record and have submitted further evidence for up to 10 years and are still waiting for a decision because the home office  who are not bothered to review their cases to save their funding. 

Refugees without criminal backgrounds can help build our workforce with their skills especially after brexit. 

I have worked with many charities and have friends who have had their asylum cases refused or rejected. 

The home office have allowed these asylums or refugees to remain in the country and wait even up to 10 years while they have submitted further evidence.

Many refugees are kept in a limbo with no support from the system and refused asylums are forced to work illegally and are cramped in houses with people they may not know to keep themselves from living on the streets as destitutes. Although you may not see many asylum or refugees on the streets they live in poverty and have poor living conditions. This is not the Great Britain we should be proud of. It is time to act now and act fast. 

The home office need to act quickly and humanely in reviewing further evidence as well as making decisions on removing refugees or granting them asylum. It is not right that the home office have refused asylum cases which have been piled up in offices with the individuals still remaining in the country with no identity, no means for food or shelter but charities to rely on for getting by. 

The more workforce we can generate, the more skilled we will be to make Britain greater again especially after leaving the European Union. 

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