Reform to family courts

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Our children are being failed daily in British family courts following the introduction of F4J.

I agree fathers should play an equal part in their children’s lives, however, there are instances when it’s really not in the child’s best interests. 

It seems that when a mother raises a concern of physical, emotional or even sexual abuse, this generally isn’t a decision they have taken lightly as the consequences have shown that when these allegations have been made, the mothers have been branded ‘liars’ by Uneducated in this field Cafcass and social workers. 

Even with evidentiary documentation from outside agencies like the police, CPS etc mothers are daily being punished and losing residency. 

The judge will make his decision based upon the statements of such social workers and Cafcass officers. It is not unusual for these professionals to be untruthful and even exaggerate the findings. Our children have them been removed from the safety and love of their protective mothers & handed on a plate to their abusers. 

Sicial service,  Cafcass and the Family Courts accept no accountability when these placements fail and the children are harmed. 

Therefore, we need urgent reform to our family courts to show complete transparency, accountability by professionals and most of all, to put the children first. Children are growing up damaged by these poor judgements and think this is normal behaviour for abusive parents to be given residency. 

Currently the family courts are closed ‘to protect the interests of the child(ten)’

This is untrue

Family Courts are closed to protect the barbaric judgements handed out by vindictive professionals who have formed an incorrect opinion and hiding under the umbrella fact that the judgement was made by the judge only. Yes it was, but that decision was made from social workers and Cafcass officials trumped up statements. 

Open family courts 

NB, Family court is based on probability and ‘opinions’, these opinions are extremely dangerous to our children.