Reduce University tuition fees!

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Imagine this... 

Hundreds of thousands of intelligent and clever people not reaching their full potential and sitting in a job that doesn't challenge them in any way or enhance their life. This could happen. This is happening. Tuition fees have risen to a point in which many people and families can't support the financial side and therefore miss out on opportunities such as going to university. 

At the moment, the tuition fees have risen to £9,500 for all courses which, in my opinion, is not fair on the people who have the skills to attend university however can't support themselves financially. I am aware that there are student loans however human beings can be consumed by student debt and be paying it off for the rest of their lives if they are on a low income. 

Why do I care? A 15 year old girl who could be denied the opportunity to attend higher education because of the lack of funding. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be in the medical profession and a few years ago (I believe I was around 11) I decided I wanted to be a Paramedic and have stuck to that choice. I also regularly attend St John Ambulance and have been on many duties to really convince me that being a Paramedic is the right choice. I feel as if I can't afford the high rising tuition fees in order for me to achieve the role of Paramedic. 

So, people of the internet, I urge you to sign this petition for the human being of the future to reach their full potential, no matter their background.   








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