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Real prison sentences for drivers who kill on the roads.

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Recently my son was injured in a car crash.  the driver ran off and left him. 12 days later never regaining conciousness he passed away from his injuries. The driver was charged and has been sentenced to 6 years and banned from driving for 8years. I am aware officials are trying to change the maximimum sentence from 14 yrs to life.  I don't believe in life for a life. My argument is nobody has ever been sentenced to 14 years so why change it. Drivers should be given the maximum sentence as an example to all drivers that cars don't kill people, , the drivers do. The car is your weapon that you control. I'd like people to sign this petition so something can be done after numerous traffic collisions  in my area over the past few months that needs addressing and it needs to change. Make drivers responsible for there actions. Guns don't kill people the people behind them do so why should being behind the wheel be any different. My son didn't deserve to die. The driver left him and only handed himself in when the police was getting close to catching him. No parent should have to go through losing a child for any reason and until something is changed it will keep happening. If nobody has ever got the maximum 14 yr sentence then why is it in place and why are officials trying to get it changed to life. Let's put a stop to the leanient sentences all dangerous drivers are receiving because until something is done  it will continue and it very may well be your child or yourself that becomes a victim. Please sign this for my son Declan mark blackburne. He was 21 yrs old when his life was taken away from him. 

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