Raise income tax to save the NHS

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I've been thinking about this for quite a while. I LOVE THE NHS! The government have done a great job at raising the tax threshold and making sure that those that are on low income pay minimal tax, but I really hope the government raise income tax soon for those that can afford it.... I would be more than happy to pay it..... I want to start a petition to raise it!! What an amazing job all the NHS staff do, but how long can they continue under such pressure?
Low wages, long hours and understaffing are surely beginning to crack the foundation of an institution that we can't afford to lose...
I paid 50% tax when I lived in Denmark and witnessed how a well funded NHS could function, and now that i'm here running my own company I almost feel guilty at how little the HMRC want me to pay... I can't see how this can continue much longer.... Raise it up!!
I'm no expert but surely 2% extra income tax for those earning over the average wage and the money going straight to the NHS would surely revolutionise the National Health Service that we can't do without. I'm not going to add photos, or a story that pulls on the heart strings as I truly believe and hope that this makes enough sense that those that read it would want to sign... 

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