Racist Dumfries & Galloway Councillor Dempster Out!

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Jim Dempster, the long serving Dumfries and Galloway Councillor who has made explicit racist comments regarding the Transport Minister For Scotland Humza Yousaf and stands further accused of racism allegations dating from the 80's & 90's 

Mr Dempster made a racial slur to Transport Scotland Officials regarding Mr Yousafs recent attendance of a meeting that 'no-one would have seen him under his BURKA'.

This brazen example of a councillor elected to represent YOUR views, making comments such as this against a young male Muslim MSP trying to do his job is nothing short of disgusting and a blatant example of modern day racism. 

This revelation comes during a time when Councillor Dempster faces further allegations of race hate dating back to the 1980's & 1990's. Including referring to a young Muslim child as 'JEW BOY' due to the fact he knew he was circumcised, chasing a young Muslim girl with an air freshener around his shop stating 'SHE SMELLED OF CURRY' and on a separate occasions also referred to her as 'CHOCOLATE MONKEY' and 'PAKI'.

Any right minded decent person knows it is not ok to make comments like this in 2018 and it is everyone's duty to remove such hate and intolerance from our politicians, whenever it rears its ugly head 

Join our petition to Teresa May to force Jim Dempster to resign and help us remove one more racist from public sector payroll.

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