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Put pressure on China to stop the dog meat trade

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Petition title: Put pressure on China to stop the dog meat trade
Dear Ms. Teresa May MP and Leader of the Conservative Party,
The Dog Meat Trade in China, not to mention several other countries, employs EXTREME ANIMAL CRUELTY, often to stolen family pets. The governments of other world super-powers are taking a formal stand against this barbaric and tortuous trade, including as the USA with the introduction of House Resolution 752 in September 2016, which condemns the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and Dog Meat Trade in China. We deplore the UK government to take similar POSITIVE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.
As standard practice, slaughterhouse workers in this vile trade commit purposeful torture to dogs, who are highly sentient beings, to tenderize the meat or give it falsely perceived medicinal qualities, also selling the skin and fur as by-products of cruelty. Without any animal-cruelty laws to protect them, dogs are typically abused and tortured, LEGALLY, in the following ways, often through prolonged or repeat torture sessions:
- Bound alive, with limbs tied together and mouths taped, wired or tied shut to make the torture easy.
- Blow-torched alive. Blow-torching does not kill the dog quickly, and blow-torch sessions can take place over several hours or even days, leaving the animal suffering accumulated burns.
- Boiled alive. In a metal pot or cauldron, it can take up to 30 minutes for the dog to die through boiling. Sometimes animals are boiled, kept alive, beaten, and then boiled alive again.
- Burned alive. In fire pits and open ovens, live dogs are speared, held by instruments, such as metal prongs and sticks, and jammed into open fire, where they may take 30 minutes or longer to die.
- Hung and beaten, or nailed to walls and posts and beaten.
- Stabbing and sensory organ/genital mutilation. Dogs are repeatedly stabbed and cut, such as eyes gouged out or genitals cut to cause extreme suffering.
Ms. Teresa May, as UK citizens and citizens of the broader international community, we deplore you to take positive action to condemn The Dog Meat Trade in China. Thank you.

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