Put 'health' at the centre of post-Brexit food trade deals

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'Health' must be an explicit concern in any future food trade deals. Good food is fundamental to our good health. A bad food trade deal will undermine years of work on animal and plant welfare, food safety and good nutrition in the UK. A diet which is good for humans is also good for the planet. Cheap food flooding into the UK which does not meet our current food standards will most affect the poorest people in the country. This should not be a choice between 'cheap' and 'healthy'. We are all entitled to nutritious food. The UK already spends more than £5 billion a year on the health costs of obesity. I don't think we should run the risk that we have to choose between unhealthy foods imported cheaply from countries with lower food standards, and paying more for food of an acceptable standard. We won't have a say in future food trade deals. Let's make our voice heard here: put health first in future food trade deals!