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Push for Recycling in Schools

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Our planet is suffocating with our waste, and the young generation are the only people who have the power to stop and reverse the damage we have done. They need positive encouragement to do the right thing and correct examples to be set. In schools all over the UK, recycling facilities are not available. The amount of waste, particularly paper, produced by schools every year is colossal, and no effort is being made to recycle any of it. I am the Head Girl at Charles Darwin School in Kent and when I asked why there was no recycling bins in my school, I was told that the council don't come to collect it and that it costs too much money to set up. I personally think that this is the wrong example to be setting children who need to be aware of the problem in order to want to find solutions. It must be made compulsory for schools to recycle, before it's too late.

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