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Prioritised & Increased NHS Support, to change insufficient capability & failing services.

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The Government are publicly saying they have put the required measures in place that are capable of supporting the NHS at difficult times.  Those on the front line and the leaders in the medical profession across the UK, are writing to their MP's using clear language to highlight a crisis and say the measures are inadequate.  This is unprecedented and they are doing this because they care about what they are witnessing on a daily basis.  They now need some help from us, the general public.  And they need our support urgently.

I have had to walk into and endure the NHS crisis in recent months.  With unexpected critical illness for several different family members during the December and January periods I spent many days and nights in several hospital emergency wards.  Experiencing first hand the crisis that the NHS is in.  

The crisis is real, my experiences are real, as the medical records will show.  And I know I am not alone.  We are being put into danger when being taken to hospital emergency.  I have witnessed Health professionals finding it almost impossible to do their job and save life.  Government must do more than they already are if they want to really help the NHS crisis and  profession.  Who do an amazing job, under extreme circumstances.   

Let's get the current Government to publicly commit to immediately do more than they already are.  We want them to react to this crisis in the way they would to other critical life threatening crises, requiring emergency resources. 

My recent experiences involved:


family member-1, being taken to hospital-1 at 2pm on 31st December, to be stacked up in a corridor on a trolley bed until the following day.  He had a brain bleed, he was critical, he needed to be admitted, for proper care.  This was not possible.  I stood by his side until the early morning of the 1st January.  with no sleep, no where to sit, becoming very scared, and eventually exhausted and traumatised.  I witnessed scenes of chaos, where volume of patients (in corridors) was overwhelming for those professional staff.  Having to rush around me and others.      

family member-2, being taken into hospital at 7pm.  He was sat in the hospital wheelchair for 17Hours, from 7pm, until 12pm the following day.  We were sat on plastic chairs by his side for the whole time.  With no sleep, no available refreshments, and without the immediate care that was needed we became  physically exhausted and ill from that.  Not to mention the patient that needed the medical attention.  A few weeks ago they had major surgery to remove a Tumour from the head.  This was a result of possible missed diagnosis over many months.  It resulted in them having to have an eye removed and all teeth removed.  In an extremely vulnerable and fragile physical and mental state from surgery, and now with complications that required emergency hospital care.  They had to try to endure 17 hours sat in an hospital wheel chair.  An almost impossible thing to try and survive, considering the medical history.  21st century care is what's needed.  

Family member-3, being taken to hospital and in need of life saving emergency care.  We were sat with them on hard plastic chairs in the emergency Medical Assessment Unit.  The patient remained in the hospital wheelchair for 9 hours.  They were in extreme trauma and needed to be admitted for proper care. This was not possible until a bed in the emergency ward could be found at 4am. In total we were either stood or sat on plastic chairs for a total of 21hours.  Needing to be there, but with no sleep, very little refreshment and exhaustion.  This caused unnecessary stress, illness and secondary trauma. 

I try and speak as I find, and form personal experiences.  I am just an ordinary working class guy, and I am not from the medical profession.  However I do care.  The NHS crisis is real, and steps for increased support and measures must start now if we are to help our NHS professionals and our NHS services.  Once a treasured prize, now a falling hero.     Please just spend a minute to sign this petition and add a bit of extra support to the profession.  That is persistently canvasing MP's about the crisis.  Your signature could help make a difference to our NHS.  Please don't let it carry on falling!

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