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Prevent the Conservative Party forming a Coalition with the DUP

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I am not spitting my dummy out. I accept the fact that the Conservatives got the majority of votes yesterday, marginally, but I will not accept a Tory-DUP Coalition. The DUP are, in my opinion, a dangerous and archaic party, that should, under no circumstances, be given this much power.

Regardless of how you voted yesterday, I very much doubt the majority of you voted with this parties ideals in mind. They will now have a stronger voice. But yours is stronger.

This petition may do nothing, a deal has been struck, but it shows our government that we, the masses, do not condone this parties beliefs. And even more than that it shows that we oppose sexism and homophobia, and we will never condone hate filled attacks on the LGBT community.

The Conservatives should never have been allowed to form a Coalition with the DUP, and we, the people, have a chance to stand in their way by making our opinion known.

The DUP are quite frankly a dangerous party that have time and time again stood against Gay marriage and LGBT rights.

8 reasons why the DUP-Conservative coalition is the one you should worry about

1. They want to legalise discrimination against LGBT people

2. Homophobia is deep-rooted within the party

3. They are anti-women's rights

4. They oppose gay marriage

5. They want to ban begging

6. They support the death penalty

7. They are besties with UKIP

8. They could hold the balance of power within a weakened Tory government led by weak Theresa May

Regardless of how you voted yesterday, the majority of people did not vote with these cruel, oppressive beliefs at heart.

Have a voice and be heard.

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