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  • England was seen as a place of care, respect and acceptance. Now we have sunk to level of those countries we "shame" in our society. Attacking Syria is an act of war as we all know it enabling INNOCENT civilians to have their lives took from them within a blink of an eye, they can't escape, they have no choice. Many say if we were to get involved in war they would just relocate, but the majority of these people are trapped in this hideous Russian roulette of life. The media ALREADY portrayed Syria in a bad light, leading others to gain false perceptions and even go as far as to brand everyone there a "terrorist". When we faced terror attacks in the UK our country was brought to a stand still yet the entire population was unaware that mass killings in countries such as Syria happen every single day. We cannot kill terror with terror. An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind. Better yet, Theresa may has just deducted free school meals off CHILDREN, suggesting that money is a problem within the government. However, war is expensive, if she is hereby joining a war with Syria then why can she pay for innocent people to be killed but not a child's meal, possibly their only hot meal in the day? The media will ATTEMPT to pull cotton wool over the eyes of the public and drown out any opinions that is different to what the current government believes. How would any of you feel, despite your opinions, if you were trapped in a country already known for its violence, and a country that your friends are fleeing to, that you think is safe, attacks you when you least expect it. These people know their fate is sealed. These are PEOPLE. They are just like you and me. Ask yourself what will we gain out of this war and what will we lose? What will we emotionally have to carry with us everyday, that as the British we stood by and let this happen. I believe that we should stand as our own country, with a good leader, and be a TRUE democracy and not have our thoughts tampered by other governments we are in partniship with because we are simply to scared to make a stand. The terror will never stop. It will never stop if we all don't put down our weapons. Einstein once said World War III will be fought with sticks and stones. We have a lovely world, lovely family's, possessions and jobs, so do the people you wish to take their lives from. I wish I could speak for the entirety of the UK however I know the minority will have completely opposite opinions to me. I dream to make it in parliment and hope that one day I can contribute to fixing this mess and stopping the terror once and for all. Through my 16 years of life I've seen so much blood shed on the media, more than what adults would have seen at my age. Please attempt to let this country be safe and take no part in mindless killing. I believe our choices and our prime ministers choices should not be influenced by Trump because of fear, we should do the right thing as humans, the world is in terror and we won't escape it unless we take wise choices. The future generation is in trouble. Thank you for listening and let's hope that the world will be a safer place in the years to come. We vote love.