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Pressure the UN to class the Rohingha crisis in Myanmar as Genocide and take action.

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According to the UN's Human Rights Chief, the situation in Mynamur "seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing" - yet no world leaders or the United Nations are intervening. Rohinga Muslims are being forced to flee their homes by the Mynamurs security forces.  There is "a targeted and widespread campaign of systematic murder, rape, and burning".  Entire villages have been destroyed.  

Yet the UN will not call the mass killings Genocide because if they did it would require the 147 nations signed up to the UN's Genocide Convention to stop it, including use of force if necessary. Under Article I of the UN's Genocide Convention it says "the contracting parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in a time of peace or in time of war, is a CRIME, under INTERNATIONAL LAW, which they undertake to PREVENT AND PUNISH".  

So the world leaders are standing by watching, donating money here and there, when what is needed is action.  And they justify their inaction by refusing to classify the crisis as genocide and give it the title "ethnic cleansing" instead.  

Please sign this petition if like me you are horrified at what is happening, disgusted that the world will not help or stop it and feel ashamed of the so called United Nations when seeing the images on the news or in the media.  Call on the UN to reclassify the crisis for what it is - Genocide and to take action now and ask Theresa May to back this petition on the behalf of the UK.  

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