Postpone Brexit to deal with the environmental catastrophe we are facing

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Since the Brexit vote, we have had emergency environmental warnings from the world’s leading scientists.  In the IPCC’s latest report, our United Nations scientists have warned us that we now face a global warming catastrophe unless we radically change direction within 12 years. 
We have a small window to act.  Never before has society and humankind been in such a perilous situation.  Now is our last chance to face up to reality and acknowledge the difficult challenge we all face.  The time for denial is over.
Our oceans and waterways are choking in plastic and this is rapidly getting worse, with it estimated that in thirty years time, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  Our biodiversity is disappearing, and the loss of plants and sea life is reducing the Earth’s ability to absorb carbon, creating a vicious cycle.

In light of this information, we must immediately postpone Brexit until this situation is addressed.  Our country has no hope of solving these global issues alone, we must work together with the EU and use our position within the EU to work together globally to face this enormous challenge. 
Postponing Brexit immediately and making an announcement that we are doing this because of the emergency environmental situation we are now in, will send a message to the rest of the world to wake up and deal with this issue.
Brexit is a distraction from the environmental catastrophe we are facing, an ecological challenge that will require huge changes in society, in consumerism, in the behaviour of multinationals.  We must start making these changes with urgency and strength before we can reconsider the Brexit process.

Let’s be a leading government in taking radical action.  Postpone Brexit.  Take a stand against ecological breakdown.

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