Poppi’s law

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in 2012 13 month old baby poppi worthington was found unresponsive in her family home in barrow in furness, cumbria. After being rushed to hospital she died. Suspicions were raised at the start by doctors who stated that she had injuries that suggested sexual abuse. A post mortem later confirmed that little poppi had been anally raped in the hours before her death and the coroner stated that her injuries were what she would expect to see in a teenage rape victim. A swab was taken from her fathers penis which later confirmed poppi’s DNA but because of a bungled investigation by cumbria police her father has walked free and has never been brought to justice. 

Everyday theres a new case in the media where a paedophile has either been given a very lenient sentence or they havent been given a custodial sentence at all. This isnt acceptable. Paedophilia is the worst crime, the victims get the life sentence and the paedophile gets to eventually walk free to live their lives or to attack again. Our childrens safety is paramount and they deserve for their abusers to be given a sentence that is fitting of their crime. 

We the undersigned call for sentencing guidelines regarding convicted paedophiles to be updated and for bigger sentences than what they are currently recieving, 18 months isnt enough. We call for a manatory custodial sentence for all paedophiles convicted of sexually abusing and grooming children and we call for convicted paedophiles to serve their full sentences without the possibility of parole or being released on good behaviour. We call for them to be placed on the sex offenders register and placed on a sexual harm prevention order for life and we call for this law to be called poppi’s law in memory of baby Poppi Worthington who has never been given the justice she deserves.