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Police Policies

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On 29/30th May 2016, I was severely assaulted by a neighbour. I had been threatened by my neighbour previously and had CCTV, but only to the right side of the property. My neighbour (who lives opposite) decided to wait until I was out of view of my camera, when I went to visit my neighbour to the left of me (so he was out of the view of the camera). My sister witnessed some of the incident and shouted to the offendant 'move away from my brother' and she called the Police. Him and his wife began to change their story to cover themselves.  I was severely bruised and inured. I suffered injuries to my left eye, my lip and the left side of my face. I wanted to attend the A&E, but my sister told me the Police were attending. I waited until 6am, the Police did not arrive. I rang in the morning, and was told the Police were too busy. I arranged another appointment for 2 days later. As I also work for the NHS, I went to work in the morning, and also went to the Urgent Care Centre, as my Manager advised my injuries were bad, and should not work and go home. 

Two days later, again, the Police did not arrive, when I called them this time, I was very surprised to hear they did not arrive as my neighbour had made a counter allegation. 

I even had a threat the day prior on 28th May, swearing, shouting and threating that he would get me one of these days, clearly stating his intentions. Again, he hid from my camera, out of view, so only his voice could be heard. 

My neighbour obviously knows the loopholes to protect himself and avoid the Police coming out so that he does not get caught. 

He has still been harassing me in 2017, most recent episode was only a few weeks ago. I have CCTV evidence, however he shouts abuse and hides inside his car. My CCTV has his voice recorded, but the Police say they can not go on his voice alone, even though they know it's him. 
What I am asking is that the Police change their approach, and even attend a situation where there has been a counter allegation, and also take action when they have a voice. They can arrest a person and also charge people who harass a person over the phone by proving it through Voice Recognition technology, why are they not using it for these sorts of situations? 

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