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People who obtain Legal aid through false allegations to lose assistance & repay double

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Here in the United Kingdom we have a biased system geared very much in the favour of women in which during family court cases, false allegations of all kinds of domestic violence are made so that they can obtain a legal aid solicitor.

This problem is scandalously large in scale and can leave men (and very rarely women) fighting an impossible battle in the family courts without legal representation they can not afford, based upon completely unfounded allegations the courts take as pure gospel because of the sheer sexist anti man agenda built into the family court system.

I say this has to end now.

i believe in cases (and there are many) that the accused is actually listened to and evidence can be produced that this domestic violence did not happen at all, or that in fact they are the victim (as is often the case) - the accuser should be stripped of the Legal funding they are receiving instantaneously and handed a bill to pay back double the support they have received from the state which would ultimately discourage it from taking place in the first place.

Furthermore, before even getting Legal aid, I believe the accusing party should have to prove without a shred of doubt that it occurred in the first place, which in a shockingly high percentage of cases, is impossible to do as the violence simply never occurred in any form.


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