STOP SEXUALISING CHILDREN at school, parents against pervertion of children’s minds!

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Sexualising the curriculum for underage kids is wrong, it is not the role of teachers to pollute children’s minds with matters of sexuality, Gender choices, sexual pleasure or anything of a sexual nature. 

Let children play and be children for the short period of youth and not think about sexuality and let parents be parents. We are trying to preserve our children’s innocence and their simplicity in this beautiful but delicate time of their life!

This social-sexual curriculum is not where our children’s or teacher’s valuable time, nor our tax money should be spent!

It is the exclusive role of parents and part of their parental responsibilities to educate their children about such sensitive matters as those of a sexual nature are.

This should be done at home, at an age they deem appropriate and in ways that are tailored to their kids who they know best, not in a one size fits all manner, like the one being pushed by the government and ministry of education!

Children are being stripped of their innocence and their minds being poisoned with inappropriate subjects at very early ages, before they can defend themselves intellectually, with the possibility of catastrophic and permanent consequences.

We therefore aim to achieve the removal of content of sexual nature from the UK schools curriculum for underage children!