Make Parental alienation a criminal offense

Make Parental alienation a criminal offense

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Parent Alienation has been going on for many years but despite the damage it causes to children and their relationship with their parents nothing is done about it.

Thousands of parents and children suffer because the system is broken. 


Parent alienation is when one parent tries to damage, cut all contact or drastically restrict a child's relationship with the other parent without justification.

My belief is that if there is clear parent alienation taking place it is child abuse it needs to be a criminal offense that the accused is questioned by police and if enough evidence is present then they should press charges 

In my own experience my daughters were removed from my care, their family home and their school.

All contact between me and my children was cut from 9am Wednesday 21st of February until on 2nd of March a judge ordered they were returned to me at  4pm sunday 4th March. 


Thanks to my quick action my daughter didn't miss that many days of school.

But in the time she cut contact I never received a single call or email to say my daughters were OK in fact my daughter was actually taken to her grandma's were she has said she has previously been sexually abused. 

Attempts to go and say hello to my daughters were greeted with abuse from my ex partners relatives

And I'm the lucky one there are much worse cases dad's not seeing there kids for months, access being agreed the repeatedly denied with no reason given. 

I was lucky enough to get a court case quickly 10 days after their mum done all of the above and the judge ordered them to return to school, to my care and there home back to the stability an normality i provided and that their mum for her own selfish reasons without justification tried to destroy. I have never physically, emotionally, mentally psychological, neglectfully, sexually or financially abused my ex partner or my children.

The kids are now with me Sunday 6pm until 4pm friday

Other examples of parent alienation Ive experienced include when my ex partner claimed to the judge she was home schooling while she waited to change my daughters school but didnt  discussed this with me. 

She also went out for a whole Saturday leaving my kids in the care of an unsuitable relative instead of let me spend a rare Saturday with my kids. 

I believe what my ex done and what Iv heard many other mums do is a clear child abuse and should be a criminal offense carrying a deterrent sentence first offence of 4 weeks in prison.

This may seem harsh but it is child abuse and that should never be taken lightly. 

The judge took no action against my ex despite clear parental alienation  so enough is clearly not being done. They should have been returned home immediately 

I would also like to add that it could obviously be mum or dad that carries out parent alienation and that if a parent is abusing their child the other parent should of course keep the children safe limit contact etc. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!