Outside Heating for Public Transport stations

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We all have, or will use public transport at some point in our lives, so we are all familiar with the stress of having to wait for our trains/buses when they are delayed. Not only does it disrupt our day and everyone else around us, it also means we are left to stand outside in unbearable weather conditions in the hope that our transport will arrive before we freeze to death. 

Alongside the fact that we spend hard earned money on these methods of transport, when we are left outside in the cold to wait on our delayed trains we are more vulnerable to colds and illnesses, meaning if we fall ill, we then must spend even more money to pay for our prescriptions to make us better and take time off work to recover. It is a domino effect of unnecessary disruption to our lives that can easily be avoided. 

An easy solution to this problem is that outside stations are fitted with heaters if there are no inside waiting rooms at the stations. Where this will not prevent train delays, this will reduce the amount of illness directly caused because of long periods of time spent waiting outside for trains.