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Open letter to UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. Brexit- Not in my name.

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My letter to Theresa May (PM). I am not happy that she is using my name when she says that we are all in this together. We are not all in this together, I was one of the 48% who voted Remain and I do not Stand by Brexit. If you agree please show your support by signing my open letter to Theresa May, Informing her that we do not stand by her decision. 

Theresa May (PM),

As Britain has officially stepped into the unknown, I am concerned by your statement that we are all in this together and that we should all “unite and support" your catastrophe Brexit plans, when 48% of Britain voted remain, and now a large majority of those who voted leave regret their decision after they saw that they had fallen for the Leave campaign’s propaganda, and false promises of giving £350 million a week to our NHS.

You do not speak for me, or indeed many of my friends, who unlike your party don’t stand by selfish individualism, bigotry, unfair punishment of the poor, and austerity. I will not stand by a Brexit deal that will put more people into poverty, a Brexit deal that will widen the gap between the rich and the poor even more, a Brexit deal that will (and already has) increased homophobia, sexism and racism, and a Brexit deal that is clearly only there to benefit the elite, and upper classes.

The statement about our future you gave today is clearly another lie, and shows me that yourself and your government have no care in the world for the ordinary people within our very neoliberal society.

You state that the Tories will take control of the things that matter most to them, and that we will make our own laws and decisions, that will lead to a fairer Britain that will benefit all of us, especially our children. Yet you make more cuts to schools, that are betraying a generation of our children.

You claim that you care about our National Health Service yet you have done nothing but make cuts to it and privatise it more leaving our NHS in a crisis. You claim you care about the disabled yet many disabled people are dying or are been/being forced into poverty because of your cruel benefit cuts. You claim you care about our older population yet our social care system is in a deep crisis because of budget cuts made by your government.

It is more than obvious that the things that “matter most’ to the Tories will not benefit the ordinary people, but will in fact make it harder for them to access healthcare, social care and their basic human rights.

You have done nothing but tear us apart and I for one won’t stand for it. This is not equality but persecution of the very people you are elected to lead.

Charlotte Persephone Smith.

Edge Hill University.

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