Open access to research findings (All diseases) free Journal articles access for all

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Cancer represents a significant economic burden for the global economy and is now the second leading cause of death worldwide. By 2030, it is projected that there will be 26 million new cancer cases and 17 million cancer deaths per year.

Unfortunately, most of the latest research articles (e.g., cancer, diabetes) are not free to access to general public. These two ailments cost the government nearly half the budget of NHS. Most of the research published is either restricted or very expensive to obtain by general public and students (who completed their course). For better understanding and development of new era scientists, information should be free to access. The most significant problem among scientist community is currently, all the latest research is too expensive to obtain. All newest research articles should be published on open access basis so transparency in result reporting and repeatability of experiments can be monitored.

Education is essential as low rates of literacy are associated with regions of poverty. Knowledge about cancer could result in earlier diagnosis, better engagement with screening, and acceptance of diagnostic and treatment services. Such approaches need to reflect the local cultural requirement. Improve the public’s understanding of and attitude towards cancer (World Cancer Declaration, 2009).

Kindly, support free education information to all.

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