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Officially recognise that far right groups engage in hate speech

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In the UK, hate speech against a religion, ethnic group, gender or sexuality are illegal. The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 stipulates this. 

The law has been employed and practised in the past to arrest, charge and imprison many people for preaching hatred and in the most publicised situations these have been Muslims inciting religious hatred towards the west.

However, relatively unchecked have been far right groups such as Britain First and the English Defence League. They preach Islamophobia using social media to spread their separatist message. In twelve months there have been two attacks by people inspired by this far right ideology and Islamophobic rhetoric. First, Thomas Mair brutally murdered MP Jo Cox because she was a campaigner for continued membership of the European Union and now a terrorist has attacked Muslims leaving a mosque during the holy month of Ramadan.

As social media users react to this latest attack, supporters of Britain First and other right wing groups have either been praising this terrorist attack or spreading the belief that "all Muslims must die" or some other such extreme view points.

The Government of the UK cannot allow this double standard to continue. Muslim clerics who spread hatred and extreme views are subject to prosecution and in some cases deportation (if they happen to be immigrants), the same treatment must be applied to far right groups who peddle their racist and quite obviously untrue message to continue fostering divides in the nation.

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