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Official name change of 13-18s from 'teenager' to 'Meme-ager'

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A stigma surrounding 13-18s has been prominent throughout history. A stigma of disappointment and misbehaviour, rudeness and total disregard for authority. Although most of these things are true enough it doesn't stop the fact that this age group doesn't need that, we have enough on our plate. 

I think a simple solution to this problem is to make sure that there is no way we could possibly dissapoint anyone.... 

By setting our standards at rock bottom from the start. 

The name meme-ager will not only perfectly summarise the vast majority of our age group, fixing the rampant misrepresentations that are popular throughout the country and the world, but it will destroy any possible expectations that any person or group may have had for us in the first place. 

This change isn't permanent of course but the start of a name revolution that will change with the culture, or until memes die and are long forgotten at least. 

You're not a disappointment, you're a meme-ager 



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