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Nigel Farage has called for a second EU referendum: let's have one and put Brexit to bed.

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Today, Thursday 11 January 2018, Nigel Farage has suggested that we hold a Second Referendum on leaving the EU: 

It is now time we did. The public know a lot more about the implications of leaving the EU than they did during the 2016 Referendum, which was a farce.

We can now have a proper, informed debate (hopefully) without the hysterics of the last one and without the aid of a misleading bus.

As a Remain supporter, I welcome Mr Farage's suggestion. He thinks Leave will win. I don't. Let's put it to the test now that everyone in the country has had time to really consider it.

I believe that the vast majority of people in Britain are fair-minded. The problem with the last Referendum was that the debate was ill-informed and conducted in an emotional, febrile manner that did not give due consideration to ALL of the facts.

If we have a proper, sensible Second Referendum and the result remains the same, then the likes of me with shut up and accept the outcome. I have not been able accept the outcome of the first one because I don't believe it was conducted in a proper, fair manner and giving a  simple majority vote should never have been allowed by the so-called "smart" politicians! What a disgrace. 

For fairness, I guess we would have to have the same rules this time around, however, the difference this time is that people now know the real implications of leaving.

Finally, and for the record, the EU most definitely needs changing. Most people would agree with that, but we -- the UK -- are better off in the EU and helping to guide that change for the benefit of, not just us, but of Europe as a whole. We can only do that if we are at the table.

So, please sign this petition and take Mr. Farage at his word that he is serious about holding a Second Referendum and let's put this most-important of issues to bed once and for all.

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