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Mrs May denied the crisis in our NHS - Petition her to spend a week shadowing an A&E Dr!

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"Theresa May has rejected a claim by the British Red Cross that the NHS is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis." - The Guardian (8th January 2018)

Theresa May doesn't seem to want acknowledge the fact that the NHS is systematically falling apart. Last week 17 000 patients were waiting in the back of ambulances as the A&E departments were too full to take on any more patients. This means that the paramedics couldn't safely hand over their patients to the hospital staff, and thus were prevented from going back out on the road to respond to the increasing number of 999 calls.  According to Paula Sherriff, MP patients are "being treated in cleaning cupboards". Therasa May claims that the NHS was "better prepared than ever before" for the winter crisis we are now experiencing, but the figures say otherwise.

The staff within the NHS routinely stay to do unpaid over time, don't get their allotted break times and come in on their days off. There have even been cases of staff having to cancel their annual leave. This is all because The Prime Minister refuses to support the NHS and the amazing people who are running it almost entirely on their good-will.

I think for the Prime Minister to truly understand just how much the NHS is struggling, she should shadow an A&E Doctor/Nurse for one week. Surely after seeing the patients waiting in the corridors for hours on end, the ambulance crews accumulating and hard-working doctors and nurses she cannot deny this problem any further.


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