More rights and security for hunting teams and tougher sentencing on paedophiles

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As part of a paedophile hunting team it is becoming more n more apparent each day at the seriousness of the situation of online grooming and the fact that nothing is being done about it.

Hunters/decoys sit for hours on end often for weeks/months gathering evidence and talking to online predators who think they're talking a real child. We have to endure vile sexual chat/pictures as occasionally get sent child porn! We do this position voluntarily and we do it to protect our children. We are basically doing the job of the police with no recognition and often get portrayed in the media as vigilantes which often results in threatening letters from the police telling us to stop what we are doing. 

Now is the time to change things n time to also call for tougher sentencing on these monsters that are stealing our childrens innocence! The majority of the beasts walk away from court with a slap on the wrist which means they are then free to do it all over again, yet the victim has to endure a life sentence haunted with memories. If hunting teams weren't around this would then go unnoticed and carry on being swept under the carpet.

The aim of this petition is so that hunting teams get more rights as a team and more security in the job they are doing. Also a call for tougher sentencing on predators. I urge you all to sign and share to make this possible, and also make it so we can carry on protecting our children. # 4 the kids

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