More police on Our Streets-Safer community-Stronger punishments Enforced for crimes!

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I live in London Havering borough of Hornchurch/ Romford and over the last 4 years our local community has become a target for increasingly worrying crimes ..Drugs - Knife crime - muggings - burglaries - car thefts - Acid attacks -  it’s become a daily concern for so many in my community & surrounding boroughs ! 

Romford Hornchurch Upminister are my local social areas for schools - shopping and generally going about my daily errands .. However I’m always, as are the locals who live here, worrying about what may happen,  always walking on eggshells because of the increase of Young Mixed ethnic Gangs who come to our areas , who seem to gather around waiting to Mugg their next victim.. it’s un- nerving to everyone that the impact on our daily lives it is having. Their impact influence’s myself & many others in my community alone whether we go out or not because we worry what may happen !.

My Son is 16 and himself & several of his friends have been mugged by these Oicks coming into our community from outside our borough , the police Cut backs have clearly not helped so the Gangs know they can do what they like it!

They jump on the trains from Lambeth lewishiam Stratford Hackney Barking Dagenham & other areas outside our community as they don’t live here .. They Arrive in our areas and cause Anguish and Anger in our community steal anything from individuals and local shops on a daily basis ! ..

I have found out after attending a few of My local MP surgery’s in Havering with Keith Prince - Andrew Rosindale- that the police are stretched Beyond their capabilities to police the amount of crimes on the streets .. certain borough get more funding for Police than others - which I understand but why should our Lives and community be treated any less than an other ??

Each and everyone of us who work hard for all we have definitely don’t deserve to feel we are under valued by Sadiq Khan our Mayor of London who made the millions of ££ in Cut backs to the Police on our streets and in general to all of our communities!.

He does not live with the fears we do and his blinkered in my opinion to see anything else outside of London ! 

I’m asking you all to sign this petition to help get our Law changed to bring back more Police into all our community’s . Make our streets safer .. Make the oicks and low life’s realise they can’t continue to Steal from us .. Ask the Government to set out a greater Punishment that will be inforced - given out by the law, the Judges our Policeman who arrest them and show the culprit they will be punished for the crimes they commit!. 

Greater sentences - heavier fines - that will Shows there are More inforced  punishment, and consequences implemented for their acts against others .. not the slap on the wrist ! 

Our social media that we all use on a daily basis has been an assist in my opinion to many of us in keeping account on the daily activities of the Crimes in our area and we all have time to comment of here don’t we ! 

So I’m asking you all to Pleaae sign this petition today (NOW) and help make our community safer for each and everyone of us. Whether you are Young Old White Black Asian Muslim Eastern European Any culture infact !

We all count We all matter and as a Majority of Good people in this world that wants a safer community & World for us all let’s try and get that back .. a happier community who feel safer and worth something to the government too.

We need More Policing Greater Punishments In forced so hopefully Less crime .. 

Stay safe and thank you ...