More Help & Support for victims of Child Abuse

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I’m making this petition because I am a victim of child abuse and it has made my life so much different in a bad way, it has caused me to have PTSD and anxiety issues along with depression and it feels like hell, I wish something could be changed and that my dad was in prison but they won’t do anything about it, I’m sure other people have gone through similiar things that I’ve been through. I think there should be more help and support for people who have been through any type of child abuse because it is so hard to forget what you went through and you can’t just get over it, it stays in your mind forever and it feels so bad because you wish the person that put you through it would feel how they’ve made you feel because of what they’ve done to you, victims of child abuse need a professional to talk to and listen to them,sometimes it’s hard to find someone to talk to which is why I’ve decided to make this petition. People need help right now, just like me. 

Please sign this petition,it would mean a lot to me because I’m sick of crying and having panic attacks and lashing out because of what happened to me. 

Thank you.