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More Help And Support For Mental Health Patients

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 There's far too many problems these days when it comes to mental health, there's such a stigma attached to these health issues and it often prevents individuals from opening up and talking about there problems.

this often can result in serious cases of self harm, neglect and to often suicide.

There needs to be much more funding for the NHS to get this sorted, from a personal view it's just not enough out there, you now have to self refer for any kind of councilling sessions, which can take weeks to start then some places only get 6 hour appointments, it's no where near enough, then you also get informed to go private, well if your out of work due to mental health issues how exactly can that be funded.

The amount of people getting kicked off there benefits is unreal, all these obstacles people have to face along with this life changing illness and with no where near enough help and support, is totally unacceptable and things just have to change.

Come on guys let's get the ball rolling and look out for each other 

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