More Action on Child Sex Gangs

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On the 11th March, the Daily Mirror exposed a huge child sex ring in Telford, Shropshire. Whilst some arrests had been made, the scale of it was larger than anyone knew. Hundreds of girls were abused, beaten, raped and even murdered by older men, mainly of Asian origin. These girls were ignored by police, who were scared to investigate through fears of racism and mocked as ‘prostitutes’ amongst others. 

It is not the only child sex ring exposed in our country in recent years. Up and down the country, we’ve seen horrendous cases of abuse that were hushed up or not investigated properly. Rochdale is easily the most notable, but others include Derby and Newcastle. 

This won’t do.

Ignored by society, many of these girls come from vulnerable places, including broken homes and care. All political parties claim to protect the most vulnerable in society, but they turn a blind eye to it on both local and federal level. A culture of gagging has occurred, in which authorities fear that they will be given a bad reputation. They have covered it up for far too long, not only in Telford, but everywhere else. For all we know, there could be hundreds of other cases to be discovered. 

We request the following from PM Theresa May and Home Secretary/ Minister for Women and Equalities:

1. A FULL independent investigation into Telford and all future cases.

2. Protection of the anonymity of victims, as well as good access to mental and physical health services.

3. Penalties for those discovered to have covered up the crimes or impeded in the case in any way. 

4. Improved, mandatory training of all authorise in government, police etc on spotting the signs and helping victims.

5. Tougher sentences for ALL involved. 

6. Re-opening of cold cases.

7. Improved police funding for these areas.

Most of all, we want NO more cover ups. The most vulnerable in society must not be victims of cover ups, a PC culture and stereotypes. They are not prostituess, they have been groomed and are victims of a vicious, cruel group of people. Every single victim must know there is somewhere they can go for help, that they will be protected by the law and no longer have to feel shame. It is high time we finally do something.




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