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On the 30th September 2015 Sivan Resol our 15 year old daughter was taken into care without any discussion with us as parents by Plymouth Social Services on the basis of a Forced Marriage Protection Order. After several court appearances a charge was never brought relating to the alleged Forced Marriage and what transpired is our daughter was a normal unruly teenager who was rebelling against her parents. Throughout Sivan was not allowed to have contact with us and several questions were asked by us with no response these being;  Why was Sivan not being provided with her own legal representation as It is was clear there was a break down of trust between Sivan, Social Services and her Guardian. This was documented within our daughters last cry for help which we recorded and can be listened to within an audio tape. In the tape Sivan is heard saying she was sorry for lying and stating clearly she was being detained by force, the tape was ignored in the subsequent hearings and by this time Institutional protectionism had started. No public body wanted to take blame! Other questions  were; Why had both my wife and I not received the full pre-interview disclosures with all notes/officers notes/teachers statement etc?  also, Why had neither Social Services or the courts not promoted contact between us and Sivan? Several months had passed whereby it appeared authorities were alienating our daughter with no contact. At one stage we were informed Sivan had gone missing and she somehow obtained a phone and sent us some distressing Instagram messages which we also provided but were ignored by the authorities.

Since our daughter was taken by force from us we have had no contact or report/s on her well-being, we have other concerns and this relates to our knowledge of other young girls mainly from minority families being taken into care by Plymouth Social Services and in one case we have a disclosed report of serious failings within Plymouth Social Services. In the report the Police and Social Services are blaming each other for various failings. Regardless of this, the question must be asked, "Is a child exploitation ring working under the guise of Plymouth Social Services?"

This is Britain in 2017, therefore why is a child missing with no contact at all with her family? As a nation we are great at focusing on the B Needams and M McCanns missing abroad but what about children missing and possibly exploited at home? As parents we need to know our now adult (18) daughter is safe and also need to hear from her the TRUTH!!! For the record our daughter suffered no physical or mental abuse at home but we now fear her mental state of mind has been affected. 

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