Lives are being lost to mental health issues. We need change.

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I don't get the chance to be treated the same way as someone with a broken leg.

It doesn't matter if I come home every day contemplating suicide, sitting alone face down on my bed crying and fighting the thoughts in my mind. I am alone in this dark place. I am a prisoner of an invisible merciless force that I cannot see and I cannot fight. I play the role of the puppet of the dreaded darkness and my head is in flames and I am screaming for help internally but no one can see these flames, no one can feel these flames.

It doesn't matter if I struggle to leave the house and surround myself with other people. My leg sliding on the ground as I hyperventilate and struggle to move. I am panicking with crystal beads of sweat erupting on my forehead and dripping onto the concrete ground and all I want to be is at home. Home alone, because I am afraid of the outside and I am afraid of people and I am self conscious. Speaking to people is like learning a new language.

But so what right? They're just thoughts, can't be too bad. Just get over it. 

"It'll be fine, just hang in there."

1 person commits suicide every 40 seconds according to a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Many of which suffered from a mental health condition. It wasn't fine for them was it? Support isn't adequate. There is a massive stigma regarding mental health implanted in the minds of those who have never had to face it. They call us names: weak, exaggerative, dramatic. 

I am tired of living like this. I sympathise with those who are going through similar things to me. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have received counselling before. My depression has improved but my anxiety still affects me immensely. I used to come home from school and cry whilst thinking about suicide. I used to wake up in the morning and question why I was alive. This happened constantly for 4 years and it still does from time to time. My anxiety makes me feel extremely self conscious. I start panicking as soon as I am outside and surrounded by people.

This stigma needs to be tackled, more support for those like me is needed. Why are people like me not taken as seriously as someone with a broken leg if 1 person commits suicide every 40 seconds? Why do we need to hide this in the background? 

This is why I am here today asking for your support in order to reach out to those who can make the real change.

There needs to be much more campaigns tackling mental health stigma. We need to solve this societal misunderstanding that shroud the minds of many people.

There needs to be more investment in mental health services. Mental health services are being provided with insufficient fundings to create a bigger impact and to help those in need. This proves that there is little care for people like me. We are being neglected.

Ultimately, there needs to be a discussion for new forms of treatment within government regarding mental health. Counselling and medication is not sufficient for all people, we need other options.

We need change. We can't wait. Now is the time