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Mental health in the work place

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Mental health in the work place seems to be looked down upon

Last year i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety i couldn't leave the house without having a panic attack, this then developed into agoraphobia and i was scared to leave the house. at the time i worked for Argos and i couldn't get to work because of my health issues.

a month passed and i had a letter of work telling me to send them a sick note so i got a self-cert sick note and got my mum to give that in.
bare in mind at this time i wouldn't leave the house, every time i left the house i would feel like i was dying the fear was too much.

another month passed and Argos then asked me for a doctors note,
it took me awhile to get the courage to go out into the world and see a doctor but with help from my family i finally got the courage too

i finally got that sick note and i went into my work i gave her the sick note and apologised why it was late and what was wrong with me while sobbing my heart out

unfortunately she wasn't very understanding and told me that i would be having a meeting about my absence even though i just gave in a back-dated sick note to her.
she said it was not  good enough and i would be having a meeting i said okay and left.

A couple of weeks later i was called to my work to have a meeting about my absence  bear in mind i was still struggling to leave the house but none of them cared about that. they made me wait in the waiting room were i really struggled to keep a panic attack away.

finally they called me in and the meeting began they started to tell me they had no sick note and that i have not gave one in even though i gave in the back dated sick note the other day (were they trying to frame me to get rid of me) luckily i had a photocopied version of the sick note that i showed. 

the meeting ended and it took 2 weeks and i was unfairly dismissed from my work at this point i was heartbroken that a company i put so much effort in to and did so much for would treat me like this

company's shouldn't be allowed to do this just because we have mental health problems and not physical illnesses we should be treated with compassion unfortunately this is not the case and our issues are brushed off and not cared for

i am doing this petition because there is not enough help or compassion for mental health in work places and it has to change so others like me dont suffer i am only young im 20 years old and things have to change
so if you want to help change things for the future please sign this petition today.


Thank you.

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