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Mental health/bullying awareness campaign changes.

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The steps being made to highlight awareness in mental health has significantly changed over the years, but not enough, its just not good enough. Far too much emphasis is being placed on pop stars, princes and princesses and the famous to promote awareness, while this is hearteing and extremely positive, they are forgetting one thing, us. There are so many people, hard working people who are working tirelessly in the community to support and push the awareness to the limit, and they are being ignored. I know this as its happening to me and people I know. This year 2 artists came together with one goal, to help those who suffer in mental health and who suffer with bullying.


One artist who is a hit US music artist and myself, an OCD sufferer and British abstract artist collaborated to create awareness in mental health and bullying, Anastasias dedicated single Horses and Hearts and my canvas to be shown within her music video is being celebrated my mental health organisations, recording studios, voluntary mental health organisations and everyday people by so many, but NOT the ones who can make a difference, the politician's, those that can help us and join us.

Only 1 tweet on social media has been acknowledged out of so so many MPs. Why? Is there another agenda? I have suffered with OCD since the age of 12, Anastasia suffered bullying, we've been there, are there, we understand, so why not help us?


All I want is this, your help, to sign a petition, giving the people of this country the power to help, to have a voice, to speak up for those who cant, taking less power from the famous, and acknowledging the less famous by helping us raise awareness. Helping the arts, in music and abstract try a different strategy, fighting alongside current practices. But giving art a chance.

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