Mark Field to be reinstated immediately as Foreign Office Minister

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It angers me no end that Mark Field has been suspended from his duties as Foreign Office Minister because he did what was right in the face of an unknown threat. This is exactly what is wrong in this country in the 21st Century. A protester bursts in unannounced and marches forcefully towards the MP's. In my opinion Mark Field does what is right to defend others in the room from an unknown threat. Hindsight is a wonderful commodity that sadly no one possesses. Of course now people are jumping on the bandwagon stating 'but she was just a harmless Greenpeace protester'. He did not know this and so he did what was right at the time.

Thank the lord you are not waking up to a terror attack where the same protester stabbed multiple MP's or worse still detonated a device or threw acid. What would the headlines be then? Well I'll tell you 'MP's SAT AND DID NOTHING IN THE FACE OF TERROR'

It's about time people realised we are STILL at war with terror and The threat level to the United Kingdom from international terrorism is currently ‘SEVERE’. This means that a terrorist 'attack is HIGHLY likely. So with that said why is the action by this MP being taken out of context?

If anyone should be losing their jobs and being prosecuted it should be these  climate change protesters and any security personnel on duty that day.

Listening to some comments today on the radio it is apparent that there are a large amount of people that agree he should have lost his job. To you people I say this... You are the epitome of the failings we currently endure in what used to be a great nation. A country to be proud of. You live an ignorant and somewhat peaceful existence not because of Greenpeace or any other outfit but largely due to the men and women who stand up and fight fire with fire unbeknown to the typical protester who goes home and sleeps easy at night as a result.

Be very careful of those who you condemn for taking action as this action may one day save your life. I hope you don't have to find out the hard way. Time will tell.

Please sign and share this petition to reinstate Mark Field and send a direct message to these ignorant people who think he acted disproportionately in what could have been a terrorist attack.

I am calling on your votes to put this to the Prime Minister to reverse this action that was indeed without the power of hindsight and in reflection was the right thing to do.