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Make Vaccinations for Preventable Illnesses Compulsory for All NHS Staff

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It will come as no surprise that the so-called 'Aussie Flu' has swept the UK and its media outlets recently. So far, around 85 people have died from this horrific disease, and approximately 22,000 people have visited their GPs with symptoms of the flu. The most vulnerable people against threats such as this are the elderly, pregnant women, young children (under the age of nine), adults with chronic health conditions such as asthma and diabetes; these people are all eligible for a free flu vaccination from the NHS. If you are not currently vaccinated, I would highly recommend getting vaccinated against influenza from a local pharmacy, GP surgery or any other reliable, recognized location.

Now, here's a scary thought; what if you went to your doctor or GP for medical treatment and they made you sick?

According to the Telegraph newspaper, across the UK, 59.3% of frontline medical staff such as nurses and doctors have been vaccinated against the flu. In some areas, this number was over 80% though in others, it was less than a third. The article also states that around a quarter of NHS staff will become ill with influenza during a typical season. And nobody, especially you or a loved one, wants them to make you contract the disease as well.

This petition calls for compulsory vaccinations against all major diseases for all NHS staff in the UK; and this means more than the flu. Many vaccinations from our NHS are offered free of charge, for example, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Cholera. It doesn't matter whether these illnesses are common or not; we need to do all that we can to minimise the risks of anyone getting ill. 

By signing for this cause, you can help influential decision makers such as Theresa May MP (our Prime Minister), Nicola Sturgeon MSP (Scottish First Minister) and their respective cabinet ministers for public health to make a change in this area.

Illnesses such as the Aussie Flu have already ravaged the UK. Let's fight against it now.


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