Make the minimum sentence for paedophilia a life tariff.

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There are always stories on the news about pedophile rings being uncovered and young children being sexually abused and it is just disgusting. The fact that there are convicted and unconvicted pedophiles walking among us is a scary realisation. How would you feel if your child was a victim of a pedophile and the trauma that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Why should we have to worry about our children going out to play or to meet friends? Why can we not feel at ease about our childrens safety? It is time that the government do more to keep our children safe. I am only 17 and I ask that you sign this petition so I can feel safe; so my friends can feel safe and so you and your children can feel a little safer knowing that pedophiles are not out in our society. It is time we make our streets safe again.

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