Make the Government accountable for the fact that vote leave broke the law

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I am the author of the "Rescind Art 50 petition" on the UK Government portal. It has been online for almost 3 weeks and now has 188,201 signatures on the UK Gov petitions site. I got my response back on the 2nd August from the Government and I was extremely disappointed by their feedback. 

The response was the standard "will of the people rhetoric" and "we can not stay in the EU in any circumstance" however they did not comment on the EC findings that Vote Leave broke the Law.

According to the Electoral Commission's report into these findings:

1.15: "As referendum spending by Mr Grimes and BeLeave was joint spending
with Vote Leave, the ‘common plan’ provisions in the EURA meant the spending
was treated as if incurred by Vote Leave. Vote Leave’s referendum spending was
therefore in fact £7,449,079. Its statutory spending limit was £7m"

1.19: "BeLeave was never registered with the Commission as a campaigner in
the EU Referendum. Unregistered campaigners could only legally spend up to
£10,000 on referendum campaigning. But Mr Grimes, acting on BeLeave’s
behalf, incurred spending of over £675,000. All this spending took place after
BeLeave met the criteria for registering as a campaigner"

1.23: "Veterans for Britain’s spending return included a donation of £100,000,
reported as a cash donation received and accepted on 20 May 2016. In fact, this
donation was a payment by Vote Leave to Aggregate IQ for services provided to
Veterans for Britain in the final days of the EU Referendum campaign. It was paid
by Vote Leave on 29 June 2016. The Commission is satisfied that the
responsible person for Veterans for Britain, Mr Banks, without reasonable excuse
delivered a spending return that contained an inaccurate donation report. He
committed an offence under section 122(4)(b) PPERA"

These are only some of the summaries of this report, the full details are here:

If Britain wants to adhere to its values of fair play in elections, then the Government must have a substantive response in light of these accusation to ensure "trust with the British electorate"

Please sign to make the Government accountable for this and show that we do not condone cheating in this country.