Make parents legally responsible for restricting internet & social media use of under 16's

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The UK have historically restricted and offered guidance on film and media by age or a 'watershed' but seem to have forgotten this with social media and the internet, allowing our children to use phones, computers, tablets and other devices with little or no restriction.

Our children can access written, photographic and video content of an in appropriate nature at any time of day or night. They can look at school, in bed, next to you on the sofa - anywhere. They access this information while they are too young to properly process what they see and before they have developed the skills needed to question or verify what they see. The internet and social media are wonderful things, but they need to be controlled for the under 16s.

Please look to legislate making parents and service providers responsible for restricting the use/access to the internet and social media by making it an offence for either to give full unfiltered access to children under 16 years old. Create a similar PG, 12, 15, 18 system for genres of internet content, apps and social media use in the UK. There are plenty of products to control/filter and applications available to make this a reality, most devices and platform websites all ready come with parental controls but they are not always activated. Online service providers are more than capable of restricting the actions of users within an age group. Phones and devices can be sold with these installed/activated. Different age appropriate profiles can be set up on one device. All these thing exist but are all too often unused. 

Make it a legal offence for an adult or service provider to provide an under 16 year old with access to an unfiltered device.  

We do it with TV, film and games - why haven't we looked at the internet and social media? 

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