Force MPs who choose the leave their parties to hold By elections or resign!

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In light of the recent resignations in both the Labour and Conservative parties, I believe, as do many others, that these MPs should not sit in parliament until they have reclaimed their seat by way of a by election.  

These MPs were voted in by their constituents on the manifesto of their parties, yet they choose to go against their electorate and be self serving.  They should not be paid by the tax payer nor should they claim expenses as they are not doing the job they were elected to do.  

I also believe that it should be illegal for them to set up a party, off shore in order to prevent the correct bodies, i.e. the electoral commission, to monitor their actions as far as donors, money, tax and sponsorship goes.

We want a change to the laws to ensure that all politicians who do not follow the will of their constituents, who vote them into office, are deselected or made to run again by the way of a by election.  After all, wasn’t it the Conservative party who promised transparency and to allow the British public to hold MPs accountable.