Make it illegal for new-build houses to be built without solar panels on the roof.

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I consider all companies who build new buildings of any type, including residential new-builds, should be required by law to ensure that renewable energy production is incorporated into the design and execution of the build.

For example: on a new-build residential house, solar panels should be installed as a matter of course and come as standard, with the cost of the panels being off-set by the energy that they will put back into the system. We need to start to plan for the future of our energy needs. New-build estates are popping up all over the country and it is currently down to the individual buyer of the property to consider the installation of solar or wind energy production technology installations. 

These new installations could be used to gather electricity to be used by the new wave of electric powered cars that will be with us by 2040. Access points for charging could be built into the network to make it easier for drivers to charge their vehicles.

Today the HSBC has released a paper documenting that the World has used its year's supply of natural resources in 7 months. If this continues unchecked and without any initiatives to safeguard us against non-renewable energy usage we [the people of Earth] are heading for a combination of disasters.

It's not too late to make a change. I call upon you to back this petition to encourage the discussion of this idea in Parliament so that we can safeguard not only our futures but the future of every generation to follow.