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Make It Illegal For MLM Companies And Sellers To Claim Supplements Aid Or Cure Illness

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Everyday all over the world there are millions of Chronically Ill people. Suffering from a variety of issues from Endometriosis to Chrons Disease to Fibromalygia to Lupus, this list goes on. Many are being shamelessly preyed upon by shady network marketing companies in efforts to use their illnesses to gain profits and revenues. 

They claim cures, prevention and clinical aids to symptoms, to many suffers everyday. All they have to do is take these supplements and much like the second coming of Jesus, One will find themselves cured. 

It is a bald face lie... many have put their desperate hopes and little money into such claims, hoping that this will finally be the answer to their prayers. It never is.... many of these products aren't even as benign as they claim... the agents within the products and components can actually cause severe reactions and land any suffer in hospital. 

The problem is there is no industry standard ... the MLMs such as Juice Plus, It Works, Herbalife, ActiLabs and so forth are notorious, and are at the forefront of such shameless peddling and miselling. They run rampant on social media and in forums unchecked. And when they are reported by users the companies do very little to curb their behaviour.... why? The reason is because it is financially beneficial to them. 

We need to demand far tougher regulations on MLMS world wide, they should be held to industry standards much like any other establishment selling goods. Their affiliate sellers to need more stringent regulations and to be held accountable for their actions and liable claims in regard to what they sell, there is currently very little recourse and the community of suffers is left to pick up the pieces. 

This is a issue very close to my heart due to fact I am a suffer as are many of my sisters in pain. Yet again I was targeted by another shady seller telling me and my Endo/IC/Lupus sisters that we can cure ourselves and end our pain by taking these supplements. They used a fake testimonial from supposed suffers. This not only affects women but men too. This is why globally we need to demand change! These companies have had way to long running rampant, ruining lives and giving false hope to those who are so fragile mentally already from the incurable diseases they suffer. 

Together we can stand side by side and our voices heard and make sure a change is made. 

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