Let's put perpetrators behind bars instead of the victims

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So, apparently, we should have more evidence when a girl or boy, men or woman report rape. We should have apparently camera's on us when the incident occurs, as this is the evidence they need to prosecute our perpetrators. I think there should be ways that they can find them guilty without needing all of that evidence the majority of people do not simply have this.

Only about 5 per cent of people who report sexual abuse in the UK is actually prosecuted but for sentences only as long as five years. I do not think this is long enough especially since the victim is normally given a life sentence. I think it is crucial that courts become more victim/survivor-friendly. Less evidence required, other ways to prosecute and the government should look into this.

If we loose woman and men have to feel as if they were not believed when their case has not won. This makes them feel absolutely awful and can cause a lot of further mental health problems. This is why a lot of people do not report what occurs for fear they will not be believed.